CSA 2023 Open!

Welcome to CSA 2023! We added a few options this year part way through, so now you have even more options for local food! We offer our base of a veggie and fruit box, then you can add eggs or flowers from our farm, cheese from Chimacum Valley Dairy, honey from Gaia’s Harmony Farm, wine from Bainbridge Vineyards and wild caught salmon from Slow Boat Fish Co.

Here we are with some summer produce! Our CSA boxes have a full range of veggies, which rotate weekly and seasonally. From sugar snap peas and salad in the spring to strawberries and carrots in the summer to sweet peppers and potatoes in the fall, we grow the full spectrum of veggies as well as some fruits. Our flowers bring beauty to your table where you can enjoy the tastes, smells and sights of local farming!

Here are our potatoes and dry beans in 2022. This field is at our leased land down the street on Pugh. We had an amazing crop of potatoes this year, producing lots of varieties: Desiree, Bintje, German Butterball, Ruby Crescent, Amarosa and Carola. We enjoy growing multiple tasty varieties of each vegetable that we grow. For the most part, we grow heirloom and open pollinated varieties, always with organic methods.

Here we have “Super Alder” showing off his talent for breaking rules:) As he leaps over immature chicory toward the zinnias, you can see us picking beets in the background. This is our main field on our property. Strawberries are to the right with our tomato tunnel far right. Brassicas and corn to the left.

A Change in Plans

first plowing of the season

Hello All,

We wanted to let you all know that we will not be vending at the Poulsbo Farmers Market for the 2022 season, and for as long as it remains located at Gateway Fellowship. Instead, we will be selling at Bremerton Farmers Market, and continuing sales at our Farmstand and through our CSA. 

As a business, we are committed to equity, inclusion, accessibility, and sustainability. This means everything from our CSA being sliding scale, to farming with a draft horse, from supporting the priorities of the Suquamish Tribe, to helping host a Pride celebration.  At this point, we don’t believe our commitments are in line with the values of Gateway Fellowship and the control they hold over the Poulsbo Farmers Market as its site host. Gateway has told the market that we can’t hold celebrations for such events as Juneteenth, Pride, Indigenous People’s Day, Immigrants’ Day and Women’s Day. Pending a change of location, we have decided that our only choice is to leave the market we have vended at for 11 years. We have many friends who are vendors and customers at the market and are saddened to have to make this decision.  

We are grateful for all your support, and hope you will continue to support us and our work to build community and sustainable accessible food systems in Kitsap county. Here’s where to find us in 2022:

Bremerton Farmers Market – Thursday evenings at Evergreen Park from April 21st-Sept. 29th

Our on-farm Farmstand – self-serve, located on our farm at 20322 Pugh Rd NE, Poulsbo, open every day 9am-7pm

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) – sign ups are currently open! See more information here: https://aroundthetablefarm.com/csa

If you would like to do more to support equity in our community, we would love you to join our work with Kitsap Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ), Kitsap ERACE Coalition, and Poulsbo For All. We are grateful for your support, and look forward to feeding you in 2022!

Blessings to all of you,

Dana, Aaron, Wendell and Alder Steege-Jackson, Clare Menard, Brenda Calderon and Kristofer Heidt

2022 CSA is now open!

This year you can add sourdough bread from Judith Weinstock of Food Muse Inspirations! Judith’s bread is our favorite and we have been eating it for years. We’re excited to share it with you!

Chimacum Valley Dairy is returning for a third year of providing delicious cheese!

Our CSA shares include a wide variety of vegetables and fruit. We grow everything from sugar snap peas, garlic scapes and salad in the spring, to carrots, tomatoes, and raspberries in the summer to sweet peppers, sweet potatoes and cornmeal in the fall. You will get some of every item we grow throughout the season! We prioritize minimal packaging, so your produce comes in reusable (and sanitizable) totes. We also prioritize affordability with our sliding scale payment, EBT availability and flexible payment plans. Please reach out to us for more information if you need a scholarship or other assistance. For more information, see the CSA page.

Farmstand Open! CSA sign ups open!

salad in the farmstand!
Farmers Clare and Dana with garlic braids, some of which are available in the farmstand

Our farmstand is open every day 9am-7pm or so. We have plenty of eggs as well as salad, kale, chard, tatsoi, pac choy, spinach, beets, potatoes, garlic, garlic braids, onions, cornmeal, and sometimes broccoli and carrots. Come on by!

Our CSA sign ups are still open for veggie shares, egg shares, flower shares, cheese shares, wine shares and coming soon honey shares.

Our CSA is sliding scale, so you choose how much you pay within a range for each size veggie share. We also provide payment plans, scholarships and EBT access. Let us know if you have questions or need assistance at aroundthetablefarm@gmail.com and check out the CSA page of the website for lots more info.

Much love from Dana, Aaron,Wendell and Alder as well as Clare, Katie and Milo!

Sign up for our 2021 CSA!

This year we had an amazing CSA and we’re looking forward to next season. We are offering veggies, fruit, grains, flowers, eggs, wine and cheese! Join us in preserving local farmland and draft horse culture.

Our farm and horse mentor Betsey Wittick and her team of Bainbridge Vineyards and Laughing Crow Farm. John Erskine, another of our horse mentors, to the right.

For our CSA, our small and full size boxes include veggies, fruit and staples (like cornmeal and dry beans). Eggs and flowers can be added on from our farm. Cheese will come from Chimacum Valley Dairy. And, wine will come from Bainbridge Vineyards, where we are worker-owners after training with Betsey for 2 years.

We welcome back three amazing crew next year: Clare, Katie and Milo. They will all be returning members of the farm and will make up an all-star team. We also look forward to farming with our kids who next season will be 7 and 4. Our older son is already a big help, collecting eggs every day, helping with harvest and prep and filling CSA boxes.

We offer a sliding scale, payment plans, EBT and scholarships, so let us know if you would like to use one of these options.

Find more info about the CSA on our CSA page or contact us at aroundthetablefarm@gmail.com. Thanks!

fall fun

Poulsbo Market Re-opens temporarily at Vinland Lutheran Church

Starting this Saturday 4/25/20, Poulsbo Farmers Market will open, starting with just farmers and expanding to other essential businesses in May.  We’ll be temporarily at Vinland Lutheran Church 10am-2pm on Finn Hill Road, West of town.  We’ll be using all the same safety precautions as at our pop-up…hand washing stations, vendors handling produce, social distancing, sanitizing between each customer, gloves and masks.  Thanks for all the support!


Stay healthy, eat local!

Pop-up market #2 4/11/20 in our front yard 10am-2pm!  Oxalis, Full Tilth Farm, Walker Meadows, Dusk to Dawn and we will be there.  Walk or bike if you can!  Park in the driveway if there’s room.  Wash hands on entry (we have a station) and stay 6 feet from others.  We sanitize our tables and hands between each customer, so you can feel safe about eating local!

Spring is here!  We are seeing new signs of life from bees to frogs to flowers.   We know that everyone’s lives and routines have changed!  We now have a kindergartener at our “farm school.”  He is enjoying being home, while missing his teacher and friends.  His

new favorite learning activity is math worksheets!  Despite all the changes, the plants are still growing and food is still coming out of the fields.  We have our farmstand open for business 7 days a week right now with eggs, greens and flowers for sale 9am-dark.  Please leave exact bills or owe us one as we don’t want to increase your risk.  You do not need to write anything down (to avoid shared pen) and we’ll be cleaning the surfaces regularly.  Our CSA is open for sign ups as well…check out the CSA page!

Much love from our family!  Stay well and reach out by email, phone or in person with social distancing:)  We want to support all in being healthy during this time.

Music in the Field


Naomi Wachira will be playing at the farm on July 28th!  Asia Renee will open with spoken word and beats at 5pm.  Naomi will follow with her singer-songwriter Afro-folk style music.  We suggest a donation of $20/person (kids free) with all proceeds going to the artists.  No one will be turned away for lack of funds.  Food will be available for purchase from Oxalis Kitchen on site.  Cider and beer will be available by donation to the artists.  We encourage walking, biking and carpooling and will have parking fairies on site to help.  Get here a little early and set up a blanket or low beach chairs.  You may bring your own picnic as well.  Check out our flyer: Naomi_Final

And you can learn more about the artists:


Morphing Lioness by Asia Renee

Our CSA is about food justice!

We are about eating around a table with friends and family, with people from all cultures and communities.  We are about welcoming all people to a table filled with food that was grown in their community, by people they know, in a way that supports the life of the animals and plants, air and water that surround us.

We are about access to good food for all people.  We want that to be a reality here.  So, since the beginning of our farm in 2010, we have offered our CSA


csa dinner5
CSA dinner in the front yard of the farmhouse!

 on a sliding scale.  We thought we might take a little more time to talk about that.

A sliding scale system of payment means that each person or household that signs up for a share gets to choose how much they pay for that share, within a recommended range.  We also work with people to make payment plans, and accept EBT.  This year we will be starting additional scholarships for those for whom the sliding scale is out of reach.  And, we always offer work trade.

The goal is to provide healthy food, encouraging a healthy environment and a healthy community.  A community in which those whose work is more highly valued by society pay according to their ability and those whose works is undervalued pay also according to their ability.  We all make it happen together.

We appreciate how much everyone in our CSA and community have put in to make this a reality.

For those new to this system, please ask questions.  Tell friends who need affordable food.  We look forward to offering scholarships this year in addition to the sliding scale.  Don’t let cost be a barrier!

In Solidarity,

Dana, Aaron, Wendell and Alder