CSA 2023 Open!

Welcome to CSA 2023! We added a few options this year part way through, so now you have even more options for local food! We offer our base of a veggie and fruit box, then you can add eggs or flowers from our farm, cheese from Chimacum Valley Dairy, honey from Gaia’s Harmony Farm, wine from Bainbridge Vineyards and wild caught salmon from Slow Boat Fish Co.

Here we are with some summer produce! Our CSA boxes have a full range of veggies, which rotate weekly and seasonally. From sugar snap peas and salad in the spring to strawberries and carrots in the summer to sweet peppers and potatoes in the fall, we grow the full spectrum of veggies as well as some fruits. Our flowers bring beauty to your table where you can enjoy the tastes, smells and sights of local farming!

Here are our potatoes and dry beans in 2022. This field is at our leased land down the street on Pugh. We had an amazing crop of potatoes this year, producing lots of varieties: Desiree, Bintje, German Butterball, Ruby Crescent, Amarosa and Carola. We enjoy growing multiple tasty varieties of each vegetable that we grow. For the most part, we grow heirloom and open pollinated varieties, always with organic methods.

Here we have “Super Alder” showing off his talent for breaking rules:) As he leaps over immature chicory toward the zinnias, you can see us picking beets in the background. This is our main field on our property. Strawberries are to the right with our tomato tunnel far right. Brassicas and corn to the left.

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