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We run a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program which for the past 8 years has supplied boxes of freshly harvested fruits, vegetables, eggs, herbs, fruit, grains and flowers from our farm.  The CSA is a great option for those folks who love to eat fresh local food every week, want to invest in our farm in a supportive way throughout the season, and who enjoy the diversity of seasonal eating.  Many of our CSA members have been with us since we started Around the Table in the winter/spring of 2011, we feel that these folks are members of our farm family and make our lives here possible by their yearly memberships, encouraging presence and feedback.

  • Dates: Main seaon   May 16-Oct 31 (25 weeks)      Winter Season   Nov 14-Dec 12 (5 weeks plus storage box)
  • Share Sizes:  Full Share (family or couple who eats/cooks at home frequently)                                                    Small Share (individual or couple)
  • Pick-up Sites: Wednesday PM  The Farm (20322 Pugh Rd NE Poulsbo);                  Beacon Hill, Seattle; Magnolia, Seattle; Bainbridge Island (we have had a drop here off and on over the years depending on demand), Bremerton Farmers Market on Thursdays.                                                                                                  Want us to drop in your neighborhood/community?  contact us and recruit your neighbors and friends, we will deliver where we have enough customers.
  • Gatherings: Wine tasting at Bainbridge Vineyards (May), Garlic Harvest Party (June),  Fall Farm Feast (September), Seattle Potluck (TBA)  stay tuned for exact dates
  • Pricing:  Around the Table is a small, family run farm and we are full time farmers.  We also understand that buying our food can be too expensive for some folks.  In light of this fact we offer our CSA shares on a sliding scale.  This means that people who choose a full share can pay between $600-$950 dollars for Session 1 and between $150-$250 for Session 2.   Small shares run between $350-$700 for Session 1 and between $75-$175 for Session 2.  You choose what you can pay.  Have questions? shoot us an email: aroundthetablefarm@gmail.com or call 360.473.8379 and we can help you figure it out.  We accept CSA payment in installments if needed and we have the ability to accept EBT as well.
  • Flowers: We offer a flower share while flowers are blooming.  You receive a beautiful, handmade, heirloom bouquet for $10 per week, available with or without the veggie CSA.  We do a business flower CSA, with delivery, as well.
  • Eggs: Add one dozen or a half dozen weekly
  • Wine: Add a Bainbridge Vineyards wine share!
  • Sign Up! print out the brochure here with all program information, fill out the information page, and send in your check made out to Around the Table Farm.




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