Who we are. . .

We, the Steege-Jackson family, are Around the Table Farm.  We live, work, play, and rest at Around the Table Farm located on 5.5 acres of land  at 400 ft. of elevation above the town of Poulsbo, Washington.  We have been growing food here since winter solstice 2010, each year expanding and refining our offerings to better fit what we like to eat, what our neighbors


want to eat and what grows well here on our land.  In the years before coming home here we farmed with Laughing Crow Farm, Butler Green Farms, both on Bainbridge Island and Marty’s Produce in Huntsville, Arkansas.  We learned tons from these talented farmers and owe them huge amounts of gratitude.  We love this place we call home and feel extremely blessed to be here.  Our work on the farm is very full time and we feel very blessed to have great support from eaters here in Poulsbo, Bremerton and also across the water in Seattle.  We sell food most of the year [Apr-Dec] at the Poulsbo Farmers Market Saturdays 9-2 and at the Bremerton Farmers Market Thursdays 4-7pm   May-Oct.  We also offer a Community Supported Agriculture [CSA] program that runs June-Dec with pickup sites in Poulsbo, Bainbridge Island, Beacon Hill, and Bremerton.  We grow a wide range of vegetables to supply the CSA but specialize in heirloom tomatoes, June-bearing strawberries, sweet peppers, onions/shallots, and garlic.

We are firm believers in the local economy and its power to create positive change in a world that often appears quite bleak.  In light of this we are proud to work closely with several other local businesses/organizations including Winter Creek Farm  Full Tilth Farm , Bainbridge Vineyards , Hound and Bottle, Mossback Cafe, Oxalis Kitchen and Kitsap Community Food Co-op. We believe all people have the power to change the world on a daily basis by how we spend and refuse to spend our money, so use it wisely, spend it locally, hire your neighbors.



One thought on “Who we are. . .

  1. Here I am…night owl…0127 on Tuesday, April 28th, checking your site out. Linda Puttler ph: 360-649-3556 (not a FB or Twitter person, no smart phone either)

    You are an inspiration. We live on 4.17 acres off Finn Hill Rd, the old Karkainen property at the end of Karkainen Ln. Johnson Creek runs through our land. We have the distinction of the oldest (not working) Finnish sauna in Kitsap County. Currently, our land is mostly grass with a few Yakima County transplanted raspberries and Grass Valley, CA, thornless blackberries. I only have three raised beds for tomatoes. My hubby is confined to a wheelchair as the result of knee replacement surgery gone wrong…so we are dependent on friends and family just to mow and weed wack the property. Blackberries remain a challenge, too. Looking forward to our small share of CSA fruits and veggies this year. The first check will be in the mail May 1st.

    If you ever need a break, come see us. Your son would love to climb in the tree house my husband built in 2013.


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