Our CSA is about food justice!

We are about eating around a table with friends and family, with people from all cultures and communities.  We are about welcoming all people to a table filled with food that was grown in their community, by people they know, in a way that supports the life of the animals and plants, air and water that surround us.

We are about access to good food for all people.  We want that to be a reality here.  So, since the beginning of our farm in 2010, we have offered our CSA


csa dinner5
CSA dinner in the front yard of the farmhouse!

 on a sliding scale.  We thought we might take a little more time to talk about that.

A sliding scale system of payment means that each person or household that signs up for a share gets to choose how much they pay for that share, within a recommended range.  We also work with people to make payment plans, and accept EBT.  This year we will be starting additional scholarships for those for whom the sliding scale is out of reach.  And, we always offer work trade.

The goal is to provide healthy food, encouraging a healthy environment and a healthy community.  A community in which those whose work is more highly valued by society pay according to their ability and those whose works is undervalued pay also according to their ability.  We all make it happen together.

We appreciate how much everyone in our CSA and community have put in to make this a reality.

For those new to this system, please ask questions.  Tell friends who need affordable food.  We look forward to offering scholarships this year in addition to the sliding scale.  Don’t let cost be a barrier!

In Solidarity,

Dana, Aaron, Wendell and Alder


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