The sweetest month of the year is here!  The Shuksan strawberries are ripe for picking.  If you cannot wait until Saturdays at the Poulsbo market to get a pint (or two or three), feel free to stop by the farm stand any other day of the week to get your fix.  Don’t wait too long, though, since Shuksans are typically only ripe for about a month every year.

Activity on the farm is getting busy as the weather warms up.  Snap peas are in full swing along with garlic scapes, flowers are blooming, and the first garlic of the season was harvested yesterday.  The potatoes were also hilled for the first time last week.

We are also back at the Bremerton market on Thursdays between 4-7pm.  It’s a great spot for a summer evening picnic with plenty of space for kids and pets to play.

New items coming up next month – cucumbers, fresh garlic, summer squash, basil, and beets.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at the markets and farm stand.






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