Dreaming about summer flowers

We are standing at the brink of spring here on the farm and the seeding has just begun.  The garlic is growing, piles of seed are organized, the crop plan is almost complete, fruit trees are being pruned and the 2016 CSA info will be live in the coming days.  In the midst of late winter Dana is hard at work planning and dreaming up this year’s flower garden and we would love you be a part of it.  We are planning to have flowers available for weddings, farmers markets, other special events, and our farmstand this summer.   For more info and photos check out the Flower page and contact Dana with any questions.


One thought on “Dreaming about summer flowers

  1. The flowers are super-duper! I can’t wait to have an occasion to get some!! My son Will and my daughter-in-love Spring just got engaged, so maybe then! (Whenever…)


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